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Homemade Mandarin Orange Wine Making 甜柑酒制作

Time frame 制作所需时间

2 weeks to 12 weeks (It depends on the temperature where you are; the higher temperature the faster the wine be ready) 

全程制作过程需要 2到 12 星期。温度越高发酵过程的速度越快。大约30度到20度之间是最好。

Ingredients 所需材料:

1. 600 grams of mandarin orange (net weight after peeling skin ) 600公克的去皮甜柑肉

2. 150 grams of coarse sugar  150公克的白砂糖

3.  2 grams of fruit wine yeast   2 公克的水果酵母

4. a big glass bottle (big mouth so that your hand can go inside the bottle) 1个大口玻璃瓶

5. a filter bag 1个滤袋

6. a sprayer with 75% edible alcohol (to sterilize or eliminate unwanted microorganism purpose) 

1个装有75%浓度食用酒精的喷嘴瓶 (用来消灭其它的微生物)

Alternatively, you can soak the bottle with hot water and air dry it 


7. a pierce of cloth (size enough to cover the mouth of the bottle)  1张布用来盖瓶口用的

8. a pierce of plastic sheet (size enough to cover the mouth of the bottle) 1个塑胶袋用来盖瓶口用的

9. some rubber bands 一些橡皮筋

Step by step 制作步骤

Step 1 步骤1

Prepare all the necessary ingredients and tools.  Spray the 75% edible alcohol (ethanol) into the bottle and let it air dry.

把所需材料和工具都准备齐全。 喷洒食用酒精进入瓶子中消毒,然后风干备用。

bottles.jpg Sprayer.jpg

Step 2 步骤2:

Peel off the mandarin orange skin and cut it in small cubes. Weighing 600 grams of mandarin orange flesh.



Step 3 步骤3:

Activate the wine yeast by mixing it with warm water with one teaspoon of sugar. strach Wait for 10 to 20 minutes.

用少许温水和一茶匙白砂糖混合酵母以活化酵母。 等待10至20分钟酵母活化。

  yeast.jpgactivated yeast.jpg

Step 4 步骤4:

Put all the mandarin orange cubes into the bottles. Crumb it with your hand. (make sure you spray the alcohol on your hand before doing it)


crumbing.jpg crumbing2.jpg

Step 5 步骤5:

Put in the 150 grams of coarse sugar 把150公克的白砂糖放进瓶子中拌均

Step 6 步骤6:

Pour in the activated wine yeast 把已经活化的水果酵母进瓶子中拌均

Step 7 步骤7:

Cover the mouth of bottle with the prepared cloth and tighten it with the rubber band. Leave it one day for aerobic fermentation. (with oxygen)



Step 8  步骤8:

Second day,  cover the mouth with plastic sheet or cover for anaerobic fermentation. (without oxygen)



Step 9 步骤9:

Write the date and stick on the bottle for record. Keep it in a temperature stable place for 2 weeks to 12 weeks. (when you find there is not any process (bubbles) carry on then the wine is ready)


Step 10 步骤10:

Filter it with the filter bag. Wait the sediments to settle down and transfer clear wine to another bottle.


Step 11 步骤11:

Put the bottle in a bowl with 70C hot water or just boil it directly to kill the live yeast in order to stop the  fermentation process.


Step 12 步骤12:

Wait until it is cooling down and keep it in the refrigerator. Serve it chilled.