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Foot bath powder - Chinese mugwort

RM 6.80
  1. This product can effectively eliminate moisture in the body, make the body healthy and prevent rheumatic diseases. 
  2. This foot powder can effectively relieve the itching of the skin and eliminate the fungus and bacteria on the feet. 
  3. This product can strengthen the body and make the body healthier. 
  4. This product can effectively remove the odor of feet and treat beriberi problems. 
  5. The skin of the feet absorbs the plant essence of the product, effectively nourishes and repairs the skin of the feet. 
  6. Specifications: Type:Chinese herbal medicine NET WT: 180g 
  7. Shelf Life:3 years Country/Region of Manufacture:China 
  8. Quantity: 30 Bags

A soothing soak for tired, aching feet.  This natural herbal blend from Tibet is extremely suitable for rough, cracked skin on the feet.  It has an intensive cleansing and deodorizing action with healing properties to condition the feet.  It stimulates blood circulation and help resolve many foot complaints such as foot perspiration and odor.

Used with foot soaking barrel ().  Fill up the barrel with warm water.  Place 1-3 sachets of herbal foot bath into the water.  Soak feet for 25 minutes.  Feet look and feel soft and healthy after bathing and a pleasant feeling of freshness remains.