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Glass bottle - Superman -

RM 8.80

Glass bottle with Superman cushion

4 types of superhero cushion but now only left superman cushion

Capacity: 300ml

Size: 58mm diametre x 170mm height

Weight: approx. 310 gram

Capacity: 300ml

Materials : glass

  • With cushion to prevent heat and more comfortable to hold
  • Do not pour in hot water directly or frozen in the fridge
  • For a healthier drinking style.
  • Safe to put in the car under hot sun
  • As a gift or souvenir to friends

Glass water bottles tend to be the most inexpensive non-plastic alternative, but they are also the easiest to break. Many companies sell silicone sleeves for glass bottles that help to prevent breakage, and as someone who has personally used them (and dropped them), they’re quite effective. The bonus of glass bottles is that they’re easy to clean and sanitize and don’t retain flavors of beverages. Chemically, it is probably safer, in the long run, to drink from glass than from plastic. Over time, we are perpetually discovering chemicals in plastic that leak into water. Then that chemical is banned from water bottles and such. Two of the chemicals found to be of concern are BPA (bisphenol A) and DEHA (a known carcinogen)