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Grating tool

RM 40.00

100% Brand New and the package also included total 2 blades. (Made in China)

Made from high quality stainless steel and very easy to use.

Anti-slip grip, folding telescopic.

Cut graft actions from 5mm upto 12mm in diameter.

These blades are very durable and strong, they will last much longer and stay sharper than regular blades.

The cutting edge are verysharp and smooth so you can conveniently cut and minimize tissue damage.

It will work on many kind of plants, especially on fruit trees.

With these grafting blades,you can save labor, improve efficiency and have a high survival rate. 

How To Use Pruner:

Step 1: Hold the grafting stock in the grafting tool and squeeze the handle to make the cut,repeat this step to cut stem from the donor plant. Take care to ensure that the groove is cut in the stock plant.

Step 2: Slide the donor stem into the groove of the stock plant, matching the cut surfaces as closely as possible. If the stock and donor plant are not the same size, match on the side only.

Step 3: Place sterilizing material around the joint, and bind with tape, the sterilizing material will protect against bacteria and weather conditions.

Step 4: Use the pruner to cut useless branches from the plant.

Step 5: The blade and the end of blade both can cut, one piece blade can be used as two pieces blade, so you would have total six pieces blade.