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Stainless Steel Scrappers Wooden Handle

RM 7.50
  • 100% New Brand and High Quality
  • High-grade stainless steel, extremely tough and durable.
  •  It is convenient for you to make different size of cake, pizza and others food.
  • Easily clean up and non-stick.
  • With wooden handle, high temperature resistance.
  • Baking can be a messy task. Any baker knows that leftover dough is a stubborn thing to clean, and will cling to your countertop. Whether you own a bakery, pizza shop, or coffee shop, this 6" x 4 1/4" dough cutter is a must-have! Our bench knife makes quick work of cleaning. Featuring a straight stainless steel blade for easy, efficient cutting, it can also scrape off loose bits of bread or pastry dough, flour, and butter, leaving your counters ready for a brief wipe down. Brass rivets and a smooth, extra long wood handle make this tool easy to grip and comfortable to use day after day. This bench knife is an essential kitchen tool that does much more than divide cookie dough and scrapes up pie crust. It can easily be used for crushing, chopping, lifting, scooping, and even measuring.